Keeping a Clean Mudroom and Entryway in the Winter | Guest Post

Hey everyone! This post is by Harry Carr from Main Cleaners London. He has some great tips for keeping your house decluttered and clean during the winter time. Also, check out his website if you're in the London area and want to give your house a little pampering!

Winter is nice and beautiful only when we watch it from the window under the blanket and a cup of tea in our hands. But outside is cold and muddy. And all this mud comes into our house, causing lots of troubles and headache. We spend a lot of time to clean the dirt in the mudroom or the entryway.

I, personally, prefer the word entryway. Mudroom shows that it is something dirty and unpleasant. Like this place in our home is specially created to collect and hold mud. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How can you keep your entryway clean in winter?

 Get rid of seasonal items. It’s winter and all you need are only clothes, shoes and accessories appropriate for this season. Store items for other seasons in the closet. They will only make the organising process of your entryway more difficult.

Provide storage assemblage. You will need space for all winter accessories like gloves, hats, scarfs, etc. Besides putting them in order, you will be able to check whether some of them need to go to the garbage. You don’t need clutter in this muddy place anyway.

The storage must have hangers for the coats. It is better everything to be opened because winter clothing is usually wet. The open storage provides good air circulation which will help your clothes to get dry quickly. Make sure there are enough hangers for everyone.

Give each person their own space. It will save time for searching. You may need some patience  until your kids learn how to store things. But with clear rules and repetition everything is possible.

Take umbrella holders. If you are more people in the house, one won’t be enough. Days in winter are usually rainy and umbrellas are always in use. You don’t want the whole floor in your entryway to be constantly wet.

Pet owners must always have a clean towel for their pet’s paws. Hold your dog on the leash when you entry because dogs are usually excited when coming home after a walk. And this may cause a great mess not only in the mudroom.

Put rough mat outside the door to take off the snow and mud in front of the house. Put a mud tray on the entryway boot shelf. Stop the snow from getting into your house.

For an easy cleaning results and to be sure that you will not damage your floor with all the winter mud it is good to have a tile floor or laminate. Always keep a mop in the mudroom so you can clean the floor every time you get in. Under no circumstances you put carpet in the entryway! Main Cleaners London says it will just help mud to stay longer or forever in your home.

Cloth for the shoes. For very dirty shoes it is better to dry it immediately. It will save not only your floor, but also your shoes. Mud and wet cause harm on shoes and the are easily worn out. If you don’t have time to wash it every time you walk in, at least dry it. It will lengthen your shoes’ life.

A must have in your entryway is a bench. It is easier for taking shoes off when you’re sitting down. As well as for every other member of your family. Especially if you have small kids. It is way more difficult for them to keep balance on one leg. The effect of this action can be a remarkable mess.

These are our tips on how to keep a clean mudroom and entryway in Winter. If you have any other ideas, you can add it in the comment section.

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