Keeping a Clean Mudroom and Entryway in the Winter | Guest Post

Hey everyone! This post is by Harry Carr from Main Cleaners London. He has some great tips for keeping your house decluttered and clean during the winter time. Also, check out his website if you're in the London area and want to give your house a little pampering!

I'm Back! | Looking Back at 2016

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Hey everyone! I am back from my little hiatus from blogging. I got super busy with finals and that eventually led to a huge blogging rut but I do think it was good to have a little time off. What better way to start off the year and the end of my blogging break than with a quick recap of some of my 2016 highlights?

2016 was an eventful year to say the least. I definitely learned a lot more about myself and developed more skill in things I enjoy doing. I started my blog which is huge for me since I never saw myself actually doing it before, but here I am! Elegantlychiic was created on a slight whim and grew so quickly which I can't even put into words how thankful I am for that. I never knew that blogging would let me meet so many cool people and would teach me so much.