18 Life Lessons I've learned in 18 years

I turned 18 on September 15, and I have been through a lot and experienced a lot more than the average gal my age. I thought I'd share 18 things (ha get it, quirky) that I think are super important and some things I needed to hear growing up. Enjoy!

My Experience Shopping at SheIn

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I recently discovered SheIn from an amazing fashion blogger in my area, definitely check out her blog Pretty Damn Hungry she does beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle posts :)

Once I found out about SheIn, you could say I was hooked- to say the least. I spent hours upon hours going through each page adding to my wishlist. If you know anything about me,  I love to be frugal, it's just so satisfying to shop smart and get something that looks expensive that you only paid a fraction for.