18 Life Lessons I've learned in 18 years

I turned 18 on September 15, and I have been through a lot and experienced a lot more than the average gal my age. I thought I'd share 18 things (ha get it, quirky) that I think are super important and some things I needed to hear growing up. Enjoy!

1. Take Lots of Pictures

Looking back at pictures is my favorite thing to do, I'm glad by photographing memorable moments I can always look back at times and it'll take me back to how I was feeling that time, what was going on in my life, and it's just nice to compare where you are now vs then.

2. No One Completely Knows What They're Doing

Starting college this fall was, a lot, to say the least. Balancing school, my online profiles, and making time for myself is far from easy. There are classes that I completely hate and struggle in and I feel like I want to change my major. But I know, I'm not the only one and that more people than I think feel the same way.

3. Mother Is Always Right

Enough said.

4. Being weird is okay

A lot of people think being weird and out there is weird but hey you're just fun.

5. That pimple isn't noticeable like you think it is

Everything seems 10x more noticeable on yourself, than what other people think of it. Think about it, you wouldn't think much of a pimple on someone else, same way they wouldn't think about it on you.

6. Stay authentic 

Stay true to your beliefs/culture/value no matter what the trend is. It's so much more respectable and you'll feel much more better about yourself.

7. Holding a grudge doesn't solve the issue

For a while you'll think it helps but really holding a grudge makes you care more than you say you don't. Your mind becomes occupied with it, and that's not the best way to move on.

8. Some friendships aren't meant to last forever

Losing friends means you're growing. You're not going to stay the same person forever, neither will others. Don't get too hung up on it, especially at this young of an age. 

9. Getting good grades is important 

Yes, the education system sucks, but until it's reformed, there's not much we can do about it.

10. Stand up for your values

America faced one of it's biggest rifts and no matter who's side your on, don't lose yourself amongst other peoples values. 

11. Being introverted isn't a bad thing

I am the biggest homebody, I love to be within my own presence. A lot of people think I'm shy, when I'm outgoing. Introverted doesn't mean shy, and it doesn't mean you're a loser either. 

12. Drink lots (and i mean a lot) of water

You've heard this a thousand-and-one times, and it doesn't get any less true. 

13. Pamper yourself

Light some candles, do a face mask, take a hot shower, exfoliate, use shea butter, watch your favorite movie cozy in bed- you'll love yourself afterwards.

14. Not everyone is going to like you

And not everyone is meant to get along, and that's okay. If everyone got along, there would be no diversity in people and their personalities, and that is okay!!

15. Saving money is just as important

Blowing money is fun when you can get whatever you want with your first job and it's paychecks, but when your bank account goes under $100 and you feel that pit in your stomach, having a lot of things doesn't give you a long term joy.

16. Indulge in your hobbies 

I tend to give up a lot when things get tough. Even blogging is hard for me to keep up with when you're not seeing immediate growth or success.. But if it's what you love to do, do it with every ounce in your body, because that is what matters.

17. Having a small group of friends isn't a bad thing

Having 2 close friends is better than having 30 friends you can't genuinely trust.

18. When you know, you know

 Being in a committed relationship at 18 isn't a bad thing. God's timeline for you is earlier than most peoples. When you love someone, you love them. Why wait? 


  1. I love posts like these, and happy late birthday, hope you had a good day! I definitely take too many pictures, but it's the best way to be haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I totally love this. Each and every point is just spot on. I have turned twenty recently and I agree to everything you said. I love the point no.14; I always wanted everyone to like me, but I realized that's just not possible. I should just only focus on the people who love me :D

  3. I agree that holding a grudge doesn't solve the issue! I used to hold grudges, but not anymore since I've learned it doesn't get you anywhere.

    Rae // http://www.raechic.com


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