My Experience Shopping at SheIn

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I recently discovered SheIn from an amazing fashion blogger in my area, definitely check out her blog Pretty Damn Hungry she does beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle posts :)

Once I found out about SheIn, you could say I was hooked- to say the least. I spent hours upon hours going through each page adding to my wishlist. If you know anything about me,  I love to be frugal, it's just so satisfying to shop smart and get something that looks expensive that you only paid a fraction for.
I had two thoughts:
1. This may be a scam, these clothes are so cute and trendy and the prices are equally pretty 
(yes prices can be pretty)
2. This actually may be legit

I decided to buy a few items from their website to see how the quality is before buying again (in bulk

The order took rather long to ship, I had to go onto their website look at my order ticket and there was a button saying "request shipment" which I clicked, and I got the email 2 days later saying my order has shipped. It wasn't a big order either, just two sleeveless tops and flare pants. After it shipped, it took 3 weeks to deliver, which I mean is reasonable ( i think?) considering it was coming from China.

When my things came I was super excited! They came individually wrapped in zip bags which was convenient for me since I was packing to move anyway. I tried on all the pieces and I was pleasantly surprised.

What I ordered:
Scallop Edge Laser Cut Shell Top S ($6.80)
(Don't tell me those prices aren't freakin beautiful!)

I think the Scallop Edge Top was a little thin and lesser quality, but that didn't bother me too much, it's not like I splurged on the item. The Frilled Top and the Flare Pants are AMAZING quality and I was so happy with my purchase. Those pants look SO high end, I loved it. I even managed to look the part when visiting Christian Louboutin and Dior stores in the city.
Here is a picture of the pants uploaded to my Instagram

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I am petite, my height is 5'1 (sadly) and I got these pants in an XS, it was still kind of long on me though. The picture is without my pants hemmed, I'm just wearing 4" wedges (petite hacks!) 

Overall, my first purchase at SheIn was a success! I'm definitely about to purchase a ton more stuff off my wishlist. Besides the wait for arrival, it didn't bother me too much considering how much I actually spent- you can't complain! And on top of that, they even have amazing deals (linked below) to make their pretty prices, even more affordable. 

What are some of your favorite online clothing stores?

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  1. OMG amazing had no idea it existed going to shop now loved your picks.

  2. I've heard of Shein but didn't know anyone who had experience shopping with them. Good to know you had success! I'm another 5'1 gal, so I feel you on that one!! Everything always needs to be hemmed! :-/

  3. I also love the pricing at Shein, perfect spot to look for trendy items! Nice post, love your outfit choices!

  4. I've purchased a few items for Shein in the past. Their pieces are pretty trendy and inexpensive but nothing that I expect to last. And I agree, the shipping process was very drawn out.

  5. I love Shein! They are definitely a hit or miss, but everything is so cheap, it's worth it! I've gotten a bit smarter about the items to buy, as some fabrics don't have stretch or might seem like it would fit strange.

  6. I heard it was one of the better sites for a China based companies. Petite Hack!

  7. LOVE the flared pants on you!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  8. I've never heard of this before! Thanks for exposing me to them.

  9. Thank you for this! I've always wanted to try Shein! Those pants look great on you!


    Berniedette |

  10. You are so right about the prices being pretty, in fact they're gorgeous haha! The pants look really great on you too, and wearing wedges is a great idea xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  11. I've never heard of Shein before! You got some really lovely things, I'm loving the outfit you've put together!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris |

  12. Omg I love the pants! It's so hard to find such butt kicking flares now- love love love them!

  13. Sounds like a pretty perfect place to shop, must take a look!

  14. I never heard of this but what a great way to find new pieces you picked out some cute items!

  15. I love SheIn! I have a great dress and a few other things from there that are awesome! So cheap, but good quality!


  16. I love shopping at Shein! They have great prices and such cute things xx

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