Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

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Thanksgiving is an exactly a week and I couldn't be more excited! Also that means Black Friday is coming up and it's safe to say you can expect a Black Friday haul ;) 

It's always important to be comfy while looking cute so I thought I'd make a post of some outfits I found to give you all some outfit inspiration for Thanksgiving day!

1. A Cozy Sweater Dress

booties, heels, dress, sweater, Sweater Dress, purse, sunglasses, ombre    thigh high boots, heels, dress, sweater, Sweater Dress, ombre, fall
Looking nice for Thanksgiving dinner is a must, so why not make it comfy? Throw on a sweater dress with some tights and booties or thigh-high boots and call it a day!

2. The Oversized Cardi

             cardigan, fashion, purse, preppyOversized Cardi, oversized, fall, cardigan, jeans, sunglasses
The oversized cardigan look is perfect because cardigans are versatile so it can be easily paired with any outfit. Also what's great about cardigans are that it can make you're outfit look more cozy and comfy while still looking cute and festive. The oversized cardigan is a safe bet when trying to stick to a casual dress code.

3. The Classic Comfort Look

      comfy, cute, cozy, riding boots, boots, leggings, tunic, sweater comfy, cute, cozy, riding boots, boots, leggings, sweater, knee high socks, necklace
You can't go wrong with the classic oversized sweater/tunic with leggings and riding boots! You can spice it up with a bright statement necklace to add a pop of color. Also personally, I think the knee high socks under the riding boots just adds to the cozy/comfy fall look. You can also opt for a cowl neck sweater to make it more cozy.

4. Plaid Gal

      necklace, jeans, distressed, flannel, jewelry   scarf, jeans, distressed, flannel, jewelry, plaid, purse, riding boots
Flannels seem to be central to the fall style, because who doesn't love to layer? Style it with a comfy t-shirt underneath and a statement jewelry piece. If that's not your style you could always incorporate the print with a chunky scarf or blanket!

5. Go-To Flowy Cardigan & Jeans

cardigan, cascading, booties, business, handbag, fall       cardigan, purse, distressed, jeans, booties, sunglasses

A simple cardigan and skinny jeans look is perfect you want to look cute but want to add that "laid back" vibe to your outfit. Choose a cascading cardigan if you wanna keep it on the more formal end. Pair it with your favorite colored jeans, and boots or booties!

What are some of your favorite pieces to wear this Thanksgiving?

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  1. I feel comfy just reading this! These are pretty much my favourite types of clothing - except plaid, I don't own plaid for some reason :-/ - but I just want to bundle up in my jumper right now!
    Great post :)

    @ElliePilcher95 -

  2. OMG I love both of those sweater dresses! They are so perfect for thanksgiving and look so comfy and warm!
    xo Jessica

  3. Love the plaid! Such a great fall pattern :)

  4. This picks are all amazing! Plaid is my favorite this time of year. I'm also on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress.

  5. Those cardigans are pretty especially the pink one!

  6. loving the idea of an oversized cardigan, it's perfect for layering and you can take it on or off!


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