My Dream Home

Hey everyone! Kicking off the New Year with some beautiful house inspo. I don't know about you guys but looking at gorgeous houses definitely is one of my KEY motivators! I've also seen a lot of posts like these recently so I thought I'd try it out.

Wayy back in the day when I began my Pinterest journey, one of my first boards was interior/home decor (check it out here)- which was basically all I posted at the time, whoops. I think I've definitely settled on a house style for myself after looking at like hundreds, (yes hundreds) of pins.  Although I can't at all pin point what theme I'd want throughout my house (I'm torn between a modern but rustic cozy fusion) these are some pictures that closely resembles my vision.

18 Life Lessons I've learned in 18 years

I turned 18 on September 15, and I have been through a lot and experienced a lot more than the average gal my age. I thought I'd share 18 things (ha get it, quirky) that I think are super important and some things I needed to hear growing up. Enjoy!

My Experience Shopping at SheIn

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I recently discovered SheIn from an amazing fashion blogger in my area, definitely check out her blog Pretty Damn Hungry she does beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle posts :)

Once I found out about SheIn, you could say I was hooked- to say the least. I spent hours upon hours going through each page adding to my wishlist. If you know anything about me,  I love to be frugal, it's just so satisfying to shop smart and get something that looks expensive that you only paid a fraction for.

5 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Happy February everyone! With February comes Valentine's Day, which is in less than two weeks so I thought why not make an outfit idea post?  But can we take a minute to acknowledge that January went by too fast?? I swear it was New Years a week ago!!

Anyway here are some cute outfits that you can wear out for a formal date night, night out with friends or something a little more casual. I thought that the pictures made it pretty self explanatory so I didn't add any descriptions because I wanted this to be a quick post.

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I'm Back! | Looking Back at 2016

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Hey everyone! I am back from my little hiatus from blogging. I got super busy with finals and that eventually led to a huge blogging rut but I do think it was good to have a little time off. What better way to start off the year and the end of my blogging break than with a quick recap of some of my 2016 highlights?

2016 was an eventful year to say the least. I definitely learned a lot more about myself and developed more skill in things I enjoy doing. I started my blog which is huge for me since I never saw myself actually doing it before, but here I am! Elegantlychiic was created on a slight whim and grew so quickly which I can't even put into words how thankful I am for that. I never knew that blogging would let me meet so many cool people and would teach me so much.

Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

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Thanksgiving is an exactly a week and I couldn't be more excited! Also that means Black Friday is coming up and it's safe to say you can expect a Black Friday haul ;) 

It's always important to be comfy while looking cute so I thought I'd make a post of some outfits I found to give you all some outfit inspiration for Thanksgiving day!

Why I started Blogging & Why You Should

A month ago, I would've never imagined myself being a blogger, nevertheless sticking to it for more than a week and actually starting up a blog and creating social media for it- it never crossed my mind. I'd have those passing thoughts of "Huh? It'd be really cool to have my own platform, somewhere to share the things I know- tips, tricks, whatever it may be" but I never considered blogging a real platform though. 

I started blogging because I wanted a platform, I wanted opportunities, and something new- a change, or a hobby. I used to think I'd start my platform through Instagram but I realized that it's harder to get out there using the mainstream social media apps than just blogging. Before starting my blog, my number one focus was school which is good and all but I never had a real hobby. I knew I liked the beauty world, I always do face masks, skin care, so starting a blog was a way for me to share my tips and tricks in a way that was fun and creative. I also enjoyed lifestyle posts a lot and I'm sort of into fashion so I just made that the base of my blog because those are the things I'm passionate about more than other things. 

I wanted (and still do) want my blog to become something. I'm still in my first month of blogging so I  have a long way to go before getting more exposure and really building my platform. If you're considering making a blog, you definitely should because there's no harm in seeing whether it really is for you or not.