My Dream Home

Hey everyone! Kicking off the New Year with some beautiful house inspo. I don't know about you guys but looking at gorgeous houses definitely is one of my KEY motivators! I've also seen a lot of posts like these recently so I thought I'd try it out.

Wayy back in the day when I began my Pinterest journey, one of my first boards was interior/home decor (check it out here)- which was basically all I posted at the time, whoops. I think I've definitely settled on a house style for myself after looking at like hundreds, (yes hundreds) of pins.  Although I can't at all pin point what theme I'd want throughout my house (I'm torn between a modern but rustic cozy fusion) these are some pictures that closely resembles my vision.


A cute little guest bathroom! I adore that it's actually tile but it looks like wood. 

Living Room

Dark wood will forever be my weakness! And the way it looks with the grey furniture, I'm dying!!


I hate an all white kitchen (makes me feel like I'm in a lab- anyone else?) but the dark wood on the island and the back splash make balance it out perfectly! Rooster is a cute touch too lol! 


Closet Organization   construction2style featured favorites home interior designers with Lark & Linen
I'm not sure about much but I do know I need a big closet!


It's all in the details! Loving the mix of stone fireplace and wood beams, cozy and inviting! By Starr Homes
I adore the modern feel to this room with the rustic little details-- makes it all the more cozy!


  1. Beautiful post! thats my dream living room! xo

  2. Would love to hear more about how you added insulation by drilling holes and blowing it in! We need to do that and I can’t seem to find a good DIY tutorial out there for this newbie! Stacked Stone Fireplace

  3. Your home is beautiful! We are building our dream home right now as well and I love the chandelier in the living room and the couches in that room! If you could tell me where the chandelier and the couches were from that would be awesome.. variety of villas.

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